One Among Us

by David P. Stern


    Almighty God
    We have sinned before thee.
    One among us
    Committed foul murder
    Profaned Thy great name
    And besmirched ours.
    Pardon us, forgive us,
    Grant us atonement.

    One among us
    Gunned down helpless people
    As they prayed to Thee
    By a different name.
    Our hands have shed this blood
    Our eyes have seen it
    One of us spilled it
    Dark is the blot
    Which stains all of us
    Great is our shame.
    Pardon us, forgive us,
    Grant us atonement.

    May our kind deeds
    In years to come
    Ease our guilt.
    He who makes peace in His heights
    May he bring peace to us
    And to all of Israel
    And to Hebron, too
    And let us say
                                        26 February 1994



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