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   Parents who home-school their children often find it hard to locate suitable material for teaching astronomy and physics, as well as earth and space sciences, especially at the level of upper grades. "From Stargazers to Starships" provides a wide selection of such materials, as well as lesson plans, some hands-on experiments, problems, glossary--even a brief math course and for those teaching languages, translations of the main files into Spanish and French.

   "Stargazers" also includes a linked, annotated timeline that covers 13,000 B.C.-2003 A.D. which allows parent-teachers to relate the science to history. Related web collections on the magnetism of Earth and its extension to space have parts which may be incorporated in studies of physics and Earth sciences.

   Information about these resources was shared through list servers of the home-schooling community, and the result was an appreciable number of requests for the disk containing all this material (see "An Introduction for Teachers").

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