"Stargazers" in the Classroom

New: Expanded and updated version, August 1999.
The main additions are

  1. A set of 42 lesson plans, covering sections #1 to #24 (but not #12a), linked to a home page and meant to help teachers prepare this material for classroom use. Each lesson plan contains
  • An outline
  • Web addresses
  • Goals--what the student will learn
  • New terms used
  • A suggested introduction to the lesson, and
  • A set of questions and extensions, the latter often covering additional material or examples.

  1. Many new sections, including some on:
    • Airplane flight (2 sections)
    • Momentum and the aberration of starlight,
    • Instructions for a simple experiment to compare masses without use of gravity, as was done on Skylab (#17).
    • The math section now has an "Algebra Proficiency Drill" (#M-1A), Trigonometry Proficiency Drill and the Tangent.
    • the number of problems now stands at 72 (two sections)
    • Also, a new section (in 4 parts) listing questions by users (with answers).
    • Section on the cross-staff, with instructions for making one.
    • Section on mechanical work, and one on the Van de Graaff generator as an example of doing work against electrical forces, and the process responsible for lightning.

  2. Seven sections on the Sun and two on the Moon., with appended sections on weather, colors, interplanetary field lines, the evolution of modern physics and nuclear power.

  3. Many sections were updated, expanded or rewritten for more clarity.

  4. A Spanish translation De Astrónomos a Astronaves prepared by J. Mendez of Algorta (Bilbao area), Spain. Also a Spanish glosary, by Victor Zlotnicki.

"Stargazers" was presented in the 1999-2000 school year as a high-school course in Maryland and in New Jersey. If you may use this material in your classroom, or have done so, the author, Dr. David P. Stern, would appreciate receiving from you (1) Your name (2) Address (3) E-mail (4) School (5) Grade-s in which this material is used (6) The sections of "Stargazers" used (or "all") (7) Any special interests or comments.

Also included (though not completely updated):

  1. Consolidated files, simplifying the downloading of the entire "Stargazers" course to the user's computer.
  2. Concatenated files, allowing paper copies to be printed with a minimum of wasted space.

Author and Curator:   Dr. David P. Stern
     Mail to Dr.Stern:   stargaze("at" symbol)phy6.org .

Last updated 25 November 2001