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"Recollections of Space Research"
                                Talk presented 13 September 2006, in Anahuac, Mexico    

Original text of comment submitted to Eos (3 Nov 2007) on "A Turning
                Point in Auroral Physics" by Duncan Bryant (26 September 2006).


TABLE OF CONTENTS .... The files themselves:

1. The Magnetosphere
      1H. History: 1600--Gilbert's Terrella.
2. Magnetic Fields
      2H. History: 1820: Oersted discovers electromagnetism.
3. The Polar Aurora
      3H. History: Birkeland models the aurora in his laboratory

4. Electrons
      4H. History: 1896--J.J.Thomson discovers the electron
4a. Electricity as a Fluid
5. Magnetic Field Lines
      5H. History: 1846--Faraday introduces the idea of fields.
5a-1.   Electromagnetic Induction--1.   New!!!
5a-2.   Electromagnetic Induction--2.
   6. Electromagnetic Waves
7. Plasma
      7a. The Fluorescent Lamp: a plasma you can use
      7H. History : 1927--Irving Langmuir has a new use for the word "plasma".
8. Positive Ions
      8H. History: 1884--Svante Arrhenius proposes a theory of "ions".
9. Trapped Radiation
      9H. History: 1896--Henri Poincare shows magnetic field lines guide ions.
10. Motion of Trapped Radiation
      10H. History: 1910--Einstein introduces "adiabatic invariants".
10a. Particle Drift in Space    (optional)
11. Explorers 1 and 3
12. The Radiation Belts
      12H. History: 1958--Inner radiation belt is explained.
13. Energetic Particles
14. Synchronous Orbit
15. Energy
16. The Sun
      16H. History: 1843--Heinrich Schwabe discovers the sunspot cycle.
17. The Sun's Corona
18. The Solar Wind
      18A. Drawing Interplanetary Magnetic Field Lines.
      18H. History: 1959, 1961--First direct observations of the solar wind.
      18B. The Heliosphere.   New!!!
19. The Magnetopause
      19H. History: 1930--the magnetic storm theory of Chapman and Ferraro.
20. Structure of the Earth's Magnetosphere
21. Lagrangian Points
22. The Wind Spacecraft
23. The Tail of the Magnetosphere
24. Substorms
25. Electric Currents from Space
      25H. History: 1903--Birkeland observes the electric currents of the polar aurora.
26. The Polar Caps
      26H. History: 1895--Birkeland's terrella experiment.
27. Auroral Imaging
28. Auroral acceleration
29. Low Polar Orbit
30. Magnetic Storms
31. Space Weather
32. Magnetospheres other than Ours
33. Cosmic Rays
34 High Energy Particles in the Universe
35. Solar Energetic Particles


Author and Curator:   Dr. David P. Stern
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Co-author: Dr. Mauricio Peredo
Spanish translation by J. Méndez

Last updated 5 June 2008